Mr Mopane


02 May 2020 It is time to update on the performance of my seo services for this project. First lets look at the keywords I’m targeting for this website. mopane firewood mopane braai wood firewood for sale So, the last one is quite popular and it will take some time to get a really good […]


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05 May 2019 Looking at the last 3 months you will notice a nice increase in Impressions. This is because of the ranking of keyphrases that is constantly increasing. We can expect this to keep increasing over the next couple of months, because some of the most popular keywords are not yet ranked properly, ie: […]

Dolly Darlings

dolly darlings Dolly Darlings make handmade rag dolls and is situated in Brackenfell. This website has been designed from scratch and then optimized. The keyphrase I targeted is “handmade rag dolls”. Currently the site ranks as follows: Google – Page #3 (previous page #7)

Permanent Roofing

permanent roofing

05 May 2019 The performance for Permanent Roofing is also constantly increasing, however we are reaching a stage where no more new keyphrases are being indexed, which means the Impressions will not grow/improve as much as the CTR (click through rate) 29 April 2019 There is not much to say about this website other than […]

Quiet Moments


11 May 2019 It is a great day for Quiet Moments and also for myself, because the website is starting to rank very well for search query “beauty salon”. In fact, as of today the avg rank position is 5.1. I will monitor the position and feedback the result by next week, but I’m anticipating […]