Future Skills SA is one of my latest SEO projects I’ve taken on. I’m on a 4 month deadline to increase the ranking for this website. Currently the website does not rank anywhere on Google in the Top 100 for the keywords the client is wanting. Therefore I have taken it upon myself to use my skill and knowledge to make this happen.

I’m just about 2 months into this project and I have not yet seen the website future in the Top 100 for search queries graduate program and skill development. However, Google sometimes take 3 – 4 months to show results, so I’m waiting patiently.

So what is it exactly that Future Skills has to offer? They are passionate about skills development and giving young graduates access to employment opportunities. They identify, nurture and recruit young graduates for Africa’s economic advancement. By joining their work readiness program, you will gain a variety of skills that will prepare you for your future career advancement.

I will update this blog during the next couple of months as I make progress with the ranking of the website.