02 May 2020

It is time to update on the performance of my seo services for this project. First lets look at the keywords I’m targeting for this website.

  • mopane firewood
  • mopane braai wood
  • firewood for sale

So, the last one is quite popular and it will take some time to get a really good rank. It is however my goal to have this website rank on page #1 on Google very soon for this search query…

Below are the current rank position for each individual search query:

  • mopane firewood – rank on page #1 and position #1
  • mopane braai wood – rank on page #1 and position #1
  • firewood for sale – rank on page #1 and position 9

From the above you will notice that all 3 keywords i’m working with is ranking on page #1 on Google, which is just great!

28 January 2020

It is with great excitement that I can share the following. Within a 3 month period this website has taken the #1 position on Google when you search for mopane firewood. Other search queries that has made it onto Page #1 is mopane braai wood and mopane braai hout.

28Jan2020_mopane ranking

I’ve been asked to design a website for Mr Mopane who specialize in the importing of Mopane braai wood from Namibia. Since having a braai is one of my favorite hobbies I decided I should take this for a test drive so that I know how good or bad this wood is. I bought two bags and after the very first time I used it I was hooked. Mopane braai wood is remarkable to braai with. The wood is so dry and easy to start a fire. It is extremely hard and a slow burner. The best part is the long lasting very, very hot coals. For most of my life I used Rooikrans and Kameeldoring from time to time, but none of them come close to the quality of this wood.

That is when I decided I had to take on this project so that we can get the word out there! I thoroughly enjoyed making videos for this website, because every time I got to make a fire! So it goes without saying it has been an absolute blast putting this website together. My next step is to submit to Google to Index and then we start with the SEO services. My goal is to have this website in the Top 2 pages on Google for search queries braai wood for sale, rooikrans and kameeldoring. You might wonder why I’m not focusing on Mopane braai wood? Well, we want to target the people searching for rooikrans and kameeldoring so that we can introduce them to Mopane!