26 May 2019

We have decided to give this website a make-over. It looks more or less the same as before, but I’ve made it more eye catching and it flows better on mobile.

The new website has been crawled by Google and now we waiting for the index and then it should start to rank.

Have a look at the new design – www.nulifekitchens.co.za

A SEO Project

From time to time I take on a SEO Project for free over a 3 month period. I look for websites with a lot of potential of growing online and then I apply my SEO Strategy.

Nu-Life Kitchens is such a website. It is a fairly newly created website and not much has been done on the digital marketing side. After running a promotion on Facebook I’ve selected this website for my next project.

The website itself was designed beautifully, but the structure in the background needed some attention. After market and audience research I’ve drawn up a strategy and I’m now in the process of implementing it.

At the time of writing this blog the website was not ranking on Google, which means I have no stats to share with you. I will however update the position of the website within the next 2 – 3 weeks.

My goal is to have this site ranked in the Top #20 on Google within 2 – 3 months. The search queries or keywords targeted are quite popular and in high demand, meaning a lot of websites and businesses fight over them. At the end it will be the website with the best Google Score that end up in the Top #10….

Challenge accepted!


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