11 May 2019

It is a great day for Quiet Moments and also for myself, because the website is starting to rank very well for search query “beauty salon”. In fact, as of today the avg rank position is 5.1. I will monitor the position and feedback the result by next week, but I’m anticipating a nice increase in traffic in the weeks to come.

quiet moments rank stats

28 April 2019

The focus keywords for this business is doing really well. It has settled in nicely on Page #1 on Google and is enjoying lots of exposure and generator tons of targeted traffic. Apart from its GMB ranking it is now in position #4 on Google when you search for “beauty salon brackenfell” and #1 under GMB for “beauty salon“. This is what Geo-targeted traffic is all about!

25 April 2019
As of today this business is constantly in the Top 3 under Google Business listings on Google Maps.

02 March 2019
Quiet Moments is a Beauty Salon in Brackenfell. I’ve build this website from scratch and then optimized it Google and other search engines. The target keyphrase is “beauty salon brackenfell” and at the time of writing this post the websites ranked #6 on Page #1 on Google and #4 on Page #1 on Bing.

Quiet Moments

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