05 May 2019

Looking at the last 3 months you will notice a nice increase in Impressions. This is because of the ranking of keyphrases that is constantly increasing. We can expect this to keep increasing over the next couple of months, because some of the most popular keywords are not yet ranked properly, ie: “aluminium windows” and “aluminium doors“.


29 April 2019

It has been about a month since I’ve launched the new website for Select-A-Window. The results achieved is phenomenal. The increase in exposure is ridiculous. Have a look at this 3 month period comparison:

Clicks previous period = 6
Clicks current period = 17

Impressions previous period = 261
Impressions current period = 1.47k

And we haven’t even begun to rank with the targeted keywords I’m working on, which is “aluminium windows“. Current ranking for this keyword is avg #86 and I’m anticipating this to increase to the Top #20 within the next 2 – 3 months.

This is my latest project for Select-A-Window.

A complete new website makeover followed by SEO work. I’m targeting the following keyphrases:

  • aluminium windows
  • aluminium doors
  • aluminium windows and doors

I’m hoping to see some sort of ranking very shortly with these keyphrases, because I did do some SEO work previously for the website, but that was before the front end makeover.

View the website here – www.selectawindow.co.za

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