28 Jan 2020

This website has made it onto Page #1 on Google for 2 very important search queries, eggs for sale in bulk and bulk eggs for sale. It has been just over 4 months and this website is already getting the benefit of organic traffic. My seo services is very basic, yet extremely effective!


02 June 2019

I’ve created this new website for T&H Poultry. They had a template site at Site123, but wanted a site at their domain, www.thpoultry.co.za. Re-directing to their other website was no option, because you cannot build a proper seo strategy that way.

Now that the new website is up and running I’ve scheduled it to be crawled and indexed by Google. We should see it starting to rank within the next couple of weeks.

SEO Services kick in now and we focus on one search query only, “chicken eggs for sale“.

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